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Environmental commitment

Organizing and developing global environmental actions to pass on a rich global environment and promoting corporate activities that are in harmony with nature such as saving natural resource, saving energy and zero emission.

Environmental policies

  1. 1.In addition to complying with applicable laws and regulations, we establish voluntary control standards and strive to improve environmental management to continuously reduce environmental burdens related business activities.
  2. 2.Recognize the importance of conserving the global environment, hold concepts such as “zero emission by saving natural resource and energy, reducing emissions of harmful substances and recycling resources” as a shared objective among all employees and continuously promote organizational environmental activities.
  3. 3.Maintain environment control systems and organization systems, set environmental objectives and targets and aim to realize them while also promoting continuous improvement of the environment control systems by regularly reviewing these objectives and targets as necessary.
  4. 4.Share the company's environmental principles and basic environmental policies among all employees, promote employee training to encourage actions that comply with these principles and policies and aim to enhance awareness regarding conservation of the environment.
  5. 5.Share the company's environmental principles and basic environmental policies with vendors and suppliers of raw material and request for understanding and cooperation.
  • Environmental commitment