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About LCD glass substrates

LCD Glass Substrates

Structure of LCD Panel

“LCD glass substrate” is a generic term for the special glass used for thin-film transistor (TFT) LCDs which form the display area of products including LCD televisions, personal computers and mobile phones. An LCD panel consists of various components stacked in a number of layers. These components include a polarizer, a color filter and a liquid crystal layer, with the glass substrate being the most important. Glass substrates are extremely thin – typically about 0.3-0.7 mm – and 8th-generation glass substrates (2,200 x 2,500 mm) are as large as three tatami mats in size.

In order to accurately display beautiful, high-definition images, LCD glass substrates must have super-smooth surfaces with irregularities reduced to the nano-level. It is also necessary to avoid the formation of internal bubbles and the intrusion of foreign matter (dust) too minute for the naked eye. Smooth and scratch-free glass substrates with the ultimate precision represent the maximum quality AvanStrate aims for.

AvanStrate's glass substrates incorporated in familiar products

LCD panels made of glass substrates provided by AvanStrate are used in LCD televisions and LCD monitors for personal computers, etc. With the expanding demand for notebook computers and the spread of LCD televisions in emerging countries, the market for LCD panels has rapidly developed. Our glass substrates are also used as display screens in a wide range of familiar products such as mobile phones, digital cameras, digital camcorders, game consoles and automotive navigation systems.

As new applications have been commercialized one after another in recent years, such as “digital signage” (outdoor electronic advertisement using flat panel displays), “touch panels” and “3D televisions,” the LCD panel market is expected to further expand.

  • AvanStrate's glass substrates incorporated in familiar products1
  • AvanStrate's glass substrates incorporated in familiar products2
  • AvanStrate's glass substrates incorporated in familiar products3
  • AvanStrate's glass substrates incorporated in familiar products4
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