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R&D network

R&D Contributions from Overseas Sites

We are conducting R&D to differentiate the quality of our LCD glass through enlarged models, thinner products, stabilization of the surface quality and HD-support together with cost-cutting measures to match our customers' needs.

As a part of our R&D programs, we are working on development of our manufacturing technology and next-generation glass in regards to glass organizational development, dissolution and formation technology (HOT production process), etc.

In addition, we are conducting R&D on glass processing, cleaning and evaluation technologies (COLD production process). LCD panel manufacturers are concentrated in Korea, Taiwan, Japan and China. To cope with this situation, we implements R&D in each area to quickly meet the needs of our customers in each country.

Further R&D and technology innovation with an eye toward the future

Generally, larger glass substrates are harder to produce and require more sophisticated techniques. Thus, if the substrate size continues to grow, manufacturers will need to develop more innovative technologies. Although we have already succeeded in increasing sizes up to 8-th generation substrates, we intend to further promote research and development to acquire the capability to manufacture even larger substrates. In tandem with the promotion of research and development, AvanStrate also makes due consideration to motivate its employees through the adoption of an incentive system encouraging research and development.

In addition to providing larger substrates, AvanStrate has been striving to meet the needs of LCD panel manufacturers in a timely manner and has developed innovative technologies to fulfill such needs. For example, to meet increasing demand for mobile devices, we developed a composition of glass with a reduced specific gravity that is well suited to form thinner substrates, as well as a glass production process based on this composition. To tackle environmental issues, we have also succeeded in developing a composition and production process for glass made of environmentally-friendly materials (Super Green Glass).

We will improve the technologies that have been accumulated thus far to meet the future needs of our customers, while consistently providing applications in new business fields at the same time.

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